Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Are you swimming in love ? ...

This guy, Stuart Knight, I talked about him before .... sometimes he is simply great !

Here is the "Madness of his mind" for this week :

The best thing you can do is to see love as an ocean. Imagine yourself swimming in the middle of this ocean with the person you are in love with. You are splashing, you are laughing and you are playing with each other. The water is warm, the sun is out and the air is fresh on your face. But then one day the current of the ocean changes and the person you love slowly begins to be pulled away. At first the current isn't too strong and with a little extra effort the two of you remain together, but you begin to feel tired and it becomes difficult to keep up the pace. Eventually the current gets a little stronger and now you are pulled even further apart. At this point you start trying new and improved ways of swimming that you have never tried before. It gets you a little closer, but not close enough. When that doesn't work, you might want to argue with your partner because you think they are not swimming as hard as you are. You tell them that if they cared they would m ake more of an effort so they could swim back to you. And then the current gets even stronger and now the person you love is so far away that you begin to lose hope and wonder if you have the strength to keep swimming. Some people lose so much hope that they stop swimming all together. Those are the ones who forget that love is an ocean. A big beautiful ocean with six and a half billion people swimming in it. Some people are swimming together and some people are swimming alone. If you find yourself swimming in that ocean with someone you love then play, and splash and laugh and do everything you can to avoid the currents. And if the day comes where you find yourself swimming alone then still play, and splash and laugh and do everything you can to go with the current so that it can take you where you are supposed to go next.

When you are swimming in the ocean, every day can be valentines day as long as you go with the flow.

Much love,


And you now that I say :

My SOUL is like an OCEAN ...

And he is saying that :

LOVE is like an OCEAN ...

That means :

... my SOUL is LOVE ...


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