Thursday, December 11, 2008


Just for fun, when you want to find out funny and true facts ( more or less ) about countries or other things...

Enjoy ...

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Communication, Change, Speed, Equilibrium, Control

Today we have access to a lot more communication tools than 20 or 10 years ago, but still, there is a big lack of communication between us. I am gratefully to facebook, gmail, skype, MSN and all the other tools that give me the possibility to keep in touch with all my friends all over the world, but I will always prefer a face to face conversation if the conditions are allowing it.

Change, a word that I´m hearing and I´m using more and more often :

The change is being felt everywhere...
- the global warming

- Obama the first black American President

- the economic crisis

- the company I´m working for

- me, my way of looking at things
.... this are only a few examples ....

And the speed, the speed of all this events and things that are making a change ... sometimes everything is so fast and sometimes so slow ...

And in this chaos we are trying to find an equilibrium. But what is this equilibrium? Can it be defined ?

Well I don´t quite know, but I´m sure that is different for each one of us.

Everybody wants to control the speed of this changes to find that equilibrium ...

Can it be that communication is the key for all of this ?

Thursday, November 06, 2008

My Life in Portugal

No words to describe this film are necessary.

Lot´s of thanks to my friends who made this movie, and lots of thanks to the people that are in it.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008


One week ago I was accepting with great honor and excitement, the invitation to be the chair of a conference that Ricardo, LCP of AIESEC PORTO FEP, was addressing to me.

The conference ended 2 days ago, but I still have flashes is my mind, with everything that happened, with the people I met, with the fun I had, with the things I learned.

Everything started on Thursday night, 23rd of October. At 21:30 I was in FEP, meeting with the EB (Executive Board) of AIESEC Porto FEP and with the OC (Organizing Committee) of the conference. In that night we defined what expectations we have one from each other, and we prepared the final materials for the conference.

After 2 hours of sleep, we were heading to Sao Pedro Do Sul, the city that was about to host us for 3 days. Once arrived at the location, we start arranging all the logistics so that when the delegates will arrive everything will be set.

And so we started …

There were 3 full days in which I´ve been totally connected to what AIESEC means. Plenary, people, ice-breakers, great conversations, energy, time tracking, feedback, roll calls, chaos, agenda, coffee, sessions, fun, boat race, meetings.
What are the most valuable things that I have after this conference:

1. Meeting Daudo. The national coach of AIESEC Porto FEP. Talking to him or only his simply presence was very helpful for me.

2. Working close with the EB, getting to know them better, debating the issues that appeared between them and the trainees, seeing them opening their hearts in front of the members, realizing what great persons they are, wanting to know them even better.

3. Meeting new people. Getting to know young Portuguese people that are full of dreams and energy, and are willing to go out there in the world to experience and learn.

4. Having some of the trainees for one night, in the conference. Watching them being involved and sharing their experience with the members, brought me fresh energy.

I can truly say that it was one of my best AIESEC experiences !!!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Lets take a look to our past ... or maybe to our future

Today, 21st of October 2008, the official inauguration of the LHC will take place.

This project was initiated by CERN - The European Organization for Nuclear Research. It took 20 years to build the Large Hadron Collider, and it costs 3,76 billions euro.

Very shortly, this gigantic machine will spin 2 beams of subatomic particles in opposite directions, until they reach the speed of light, and then will collide them. Basically, the creation of the Universe or the Big Bang will be recreated at a smaller scale. Due to this experiment, important data will be generated, and maybe some questions about our world will find an answer.

Courios to see the final result !

Sunday, October 19, 2008

No fear

I shall not fear.
The fear kills the mind.
The fear is paltry death, the carrier of total abolition.
I will face the fear!
I will let it pass over me, through me.
And after it would have passed, I will turn my inner eye and I will look behind it. Where the fear has passed, it will be nothing left.

It will be just me!

I don´t know to whom belongs this words, I just found them and like them, and they fit on some moments in my life.

Monday, October 13, 2008

What I am

Thanks Dey

Monday, October 06, 2008

Do you believe in love ?

Here it is the best example of a great person who believes in love !

And besides his strong belief, he put himself out there, to the whole world, completely transparent.

Inspired by Allan and his AreYouMyWife "project", Dey made his own version :

Check it out, and I am sure you will find a lot of things to learn, a lot of things that will make you question your life, a lot of things to comment about, a lot of things to agree or to disagree.

If you believe in love, and you want to give your support, doesn´t matter if you are gay or straight, take a look on Dey´s blog, and pass is forward ... somebody might find his half !

I do believe in love!

Friday, October 03, 2008

The closest I´ve been to a sunset ...

Two of the most beautiful moments of the day are the beginning and the end of the day, the sunrise and the sunset ...

And when you combine this moments with water, you witness one of the nature´s miracles.

Until now, I have only witness sunrises, in Romania, on the shore of Black Sea.

Here in Portugal, I connected with the Ocean, and gazing to the West, I knew that I will witness my first water sunset ... I imagine the red ball of fire fading into the Ocean ... I imagine sharing this moment with someone special ....

Last weekend I was SO close to catch this moment ... but I missed it ... twice ...

But maybe it was supposed to be like that, because watching a sunset all by myself it would be like being killed by a beautiful pain ... And I´m really looking forward to share my first water sunset with a special someone ....

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Perfect Weekend

Here is my idea of how a perfect weekend should look like :

Friday night ... go out with a bunch of friends, drink, dance, have lots of fun, come back home when the sun is lighting up the sky ...

Saturday ... totally lazy day, sleep till late, watch TV, share silence, do nothing ...

Sunday ... Visit new places, take fancy pictures, spend time with a very special person to your heart.

Nothing more, nothing less. A perfect recharger for a brand new week.
Thanks Dey :)

Monday, September 15, 2008

Testimony about my internship

Last week I received from AIESEC PORTO FEP the final evaluation form for my traineeship. In the last part of this evaluation form I had to write my testimony about my traineeship in Portugal.
I decided to make a short resume about my story, so here u have it :


I can´t tell you the story about my experience as a trainee here in Portugal, without speaking a little bit about me, before coming here.

I´ve been an active member of AIESEC since 2004 until 2007. This organization transformed completely my years of faculty, and transformed me as an individual. I improved the skills that I had and I developed new ones. And while passing through all the AIESEC Experience, I felt that the Exchange faze it´s a must for my personal development.

So, after “finishing” my courses, I become an Exchange Participant, and I was opened to go wherever Insight will lead me, but as a favorite Country, Brazil was on top of my list.

But my path was going to change its way …. After 6 months of continuous search for an internship, I was on the edge of giving up, when I received an e-mail, from one Ricardo from AIESEC in Porto FEP, Portugal, asking me what do I think about some company´s form. I gave it a look it seemed pretty interesting. A lot of e-mails came, an interview, the acceptance and all the AIESEC formalities.

On the 2nd of March, after a sleepless night – maid of honor at my best friend´s wedding – I was welcomed by a bunch of happy AIESEC people at the Oporto Airport. I had my first francesinha and watch a Portuguese football game :).

And this is how my traineeship started …

Remember I´ve told you about my dream of going to Brazil … Well, I found out here that I am going to share an apartment with a guy and a girl from Brazil. You can imagine what came: I got to know a lot of Brazilian culture, food, music, stories, and a lot of Brazilian people.

Then I found out that almost each month, an International Reception Weekend is organized by AIESEC. The great thing about these IRWs is that I had the chance to see some parts of Portugal, and meet all the trainees all over the country. I visited place like Porto, Lisbon, Coimbra and Tavira in Algarve. I saw how the Porto wine is made and I tasted it. I experienced Queima das Fitas – celebrating together with all the students the end of graduation courses. I listened to fado and drink coffee on the little streets of Lisbon.

I have made a lot of friends from all over the world: Brazil, Venezuela, Spain, Germany, Romania, Mexico. Poland, and I have met people even from more countries. I am fully LIVING DIVERSITY.

One of this people that I met, and I´m talking now about Dey(ex PAI), become my best friend here in Portugal, enriched my soul and brought me a new perspective on life.

Also a lot of FIRSTS happened during my traineeship:
- First time when I saw an orange tree :),
- First time when I saw the ocean,
- First time trying kite surfing and rafting,
- First time in a huge concert like Rock in Rio
- First time to an African Party

….. and the list is not stopping here ….

And so, 6 months passed …

But the story doesn´t end here:

I got an offer from the company I´ve been working with, to stay for 6 more months. I accepted it and I´m very happy with my new job description and with the work I´m doing. And even if officially I am not a trainee anymore, I will continue in spending my free time with the other trainees, because they are my friends and my family, and I will try as much as I can to stay in touch with AIESEC.

Once an AIESEC-er, always an AIESEC-er !


Monday, September 01, 2008


Andra, my best friend from AIESEC Bucharest, visited me. We spent a great week together, but, time passes, and inevitably, we had to say goodbye, but knowing we will see each other again.

The next day, Luciana, my flatmate, the best flatmate I ever had until now and a great friend, finished her internship and she left Portugal. It was the hardest split up from a friend. We had wonderful moments together, but I know that the story is not ending here.

Oana, my work colleague, my future flatmate, my best Romanian friend here in Portugal. She went to Romania for more than one month. Luckily, she will come back at the end of September our journey will continue.

The person who took care of me and helped me a lot in my first week in Braga, the one from which I learned a great quote : "Mi vida apesta"(My life sucks), but also the one who cheered me up when I was feeling like that. Rafa, a real friend that will show me Spain one day.

Pieces of my heart broke and went away with them, but the empty spaces were replaced with pieces of their hearts. We beautify each others hears, and we know that we will always be there, and one day will meet again.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Never stop running

I am a runner ...

Since I was 5 years old, my father took me to the athleticism trainings. I loved it ! And I practiced this sport, with some interruptions, until I was 18.

Now all that I´m doing is jogging. I can´t give up running, where ever I might be.

After I arrived in Braga, one of the first things that I did, was to find a good and nice path to run. And I found it. It´s the way to Bom Jesus. A nice road, on which after 10 minutes of plain running, you start going up hill.

After I first walked until Bom Jesus, I said to myself that till the end of my traineeship I will reach the place, running. And every time I went for my jogging, I went a little bit more far than the last place I stoped the previous time.

Today I did it ! The objective was accomplished. I put my foot on the stairs of Bom Jesus ! Just 3 days before my traineeship ends.

I am proud of myself !!!

And now? What will be the next point to reach?

Friday, August 15, 2008

Kitesurfing & Rafting

Two water sports, so different, but connected through the same thing ... water ...

Great experiences, such an intense feelings, so much adrenaline ... another 2 firsts, here in Portugal, I never dreamt of this ...

Kitesurfing ... the power of water and air combined ... flying above the water ... feeling the force of the air in my hands ...

I did it !!! I flew !!! I rocked !!!

Rafting ... seen only in American movies ... the calm and the torrent of water coming together ... jumping from 3,5 m height ... overcome the fear ... feel the excitement !

Row! Row! Row!

What will be next ?

Friday, August 01, 2008

Primavera Business Software Solutions

August is here ...

Today I had a meeting with the Human Resources Director. Even if the meeting was planned for 5 o´clock in the afternoon, she appeared at my desk, 20 minutes earlier, and she said she wants to talk to me. So we went in the meeting room, and she said we must discuss about my future in the company, and that Primavera has an offer for me :

... to stay another 6 more months in the company, to work directly with the vice president of Primavera, to move from one department to another, to identify KPI´s for how Primavera can enter on more international markets ...

I said YES, and I got out from the meeting speechless, a little bit scared but very happy, and willing to take this challenge and do my best.

So ... I´m going on with Primavera for the next 6 moths, at least ... afterwards ... who knows

Thursday, July 31, 2008

August Rush is coming ...

Here it is, the last day of July ... This never ending July ... with all the waiting, and disillusions, and emptiness, and confusion ...

But as I was telling in another post, I feel that August will bring a lot of changes ...

Things are already happening :

- my nice hurried a little bit, and she came on this world on 27Th
- the big meeting, with the top management of the company, took place on 29Th, and it went really good.

And, as I was feeling the new month approaching so fast ... I randomly found something on youtube ...

August Rush

It´s all around us ... all you have to do is listen !

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

I am all only water

I felt that I have a strong connection with the water long time ago, but I never felt it so strong as I´m feeling it now. All my emotions, all my thoughts are materialized and associated with water.

Here is an e-mail that I wrote to one of my best friends here in Portugal - Dey, and maybe you will understand why I say I am all water ...


Reading your last post ... and remembering our conversation on the beach in Setubal...

Life... water... jump...

You brought me a new perspective on life ... or maybe it wasn´t new for me, it was there inside me, but it wasn´t materialized yet ...

I always had a strong connection with water. I think about my soul in terms of water.

At first I was identifying myself with the Danube, then it was the sea, the Black Sea, and now I am becoming the Ocean...

And besides this spiritual connection with the water, there is the physical connection, when my body is yearning for the water´s touch, for swimming, for that feeling of being lighter, for that feeling of freedom ... And when I´m touch with water, it´s also my soul that is being touched... it´s like... what comes around goes around......

soul ...water ...body ... body... water... soul...

But where do I want to get with all this...

You are talking about swimming pool ... I see this like...

You created your own world, which is the swimming pool ... and you keep on jumping in your own world, you want to stay inside and learn how to swim ... I think you already know how to swim in your own swimming pool ... don´t you think that it´s time to get out and throw yourself in the Ocean...

Waters are connected,
the river goes into the sea,
and the sea goes in to the ocean,
they are in a permanent connection,
from the bottom of the ocean you can reach the mint of the river,
and then go back...

And it´s good to have your own world, everybody has it, but you need to be connected with all that the real world can offer. You need to let your world interact with other people´s world,
you don´t have to drag people into your swimming pool...

And you know that water has this property to purify itself...
a swimming pool can´t do that...
a swimming pool has to be emptied, cleaned and then refilled with fresh water...
but how many times a soul can take this...
the true feeling of transformation is when the soul is purifying itself...
like a natural phenomenon...
just like the ocean´s waters.

So if u are searching for something, whatever that might be ... don´t keep on swimming in your swimming pool, you already know how to swim, go and swim into the ocean...

endless possibilities are floating there...

So, what do you say ?

You can find his answer on his blog :)

But tell me now if you understand me, and if you ever felt like this !

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

State of waiting...

I have always thought about myself as a very patient person. I can endure a lot of things till I reach my limits. But now, life is putting me in front of a different challenge. There are things in my life at this moment that I can´t really influence, and all that I can do is to wait for them to happen.....

What am I waiting for ?


- I´m waiting for the company that I´m working for to have an answer about the renewal or not of my contract
- I´m waiting for him to have time and to feel ready to share things with me
- I´m waiting for my faculty to give me an answer regarding my exam
- I´m waiting for my friend from Romania to buy her ticket to Portugal
- I´m waiting for my niece to be born

I have heard the word "SOON" so many times till now that I feel I´m gonna be sick if I hear it again.... Soon my company will have an answer, soon he will be ready, soon, soon, soon... !!!

I am in a state of waiting....but I have a feeling that August is going to bring a lot of answers, and along with them....a lot of changes. And it ´s weird that my instinct is not saying anything about this changes....I am somewhere in the middle, just waiting for the change to come...

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Don´t forget to live your life ...

Stuart Knight, a very new character in the pages of my life. I found him on a friend´s blog and I subscribed to his weekly newsletter. The thing is that he doesn´t have a certain day to send his newsletter, but he is sending it when I need it the most. All the time, is just the perfect words at the perfect time.

Here is a part from what he posted this week :

It was at that moment that I was reminded of how fragile life can be. We really can die at any minute of any day. We trust that the person on the other side of the road won't drift to our side, we think that some horrible disease will never come our way and we assume that we won't choke on a piece of glass first thing in the morning.

Life is too short to not make that phone call, drive that car, jump off that diving board, quit that job, kiss that stranger, take that extra drink, take that course, take yourself out on a date, take that chance, take that vacation, take that compliment, take that pain, take that advice and to take life by the balls!

Don't wait for the weekend, don't wait for the right pay cheque, don't wait for the stars to be aligned, don't wait for your body to look a certain way, don't wait for the right weather, the right year or the right person to come along.
Ask yourself what you can do today to live life and then have a blast doing that thing.
Because tomorrow, you might wake up and swallow a piece of glass!

Much love,

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Verde por uma Green

This is from the series : Everything is Related ... :)

I have searched for this traineeship for 7 months, and while doing my searching I had always avoided the job description that was saying MARKETING.

When I started the matching with the Primavera form, one of the things that was interesting for me was the job description.

But after arriving in Braga, I sow that the things were not so well prepared for my arrival in the company, it happens a lot in AIESEC internships, and because they didn´t know exactly what my job will be, my boss said : ... Well, you can start by doing a MARKETING RESEARCH for Romanian market.

OK ... and I took it as a challenge.

Meanwhile, I found out that Primavera is organizing a conference, in which the The Guru of MARKETING, Philipe Kotler, will be the speaker. And I said to myself : What the Hell, it is MARKETING, BUT it might be a one life opportunity to see and hear this man speaking. So in the last moment I decided to attend the conference.

The main conclusions of this conference were not about MARKETING, were about CSR. Hearing Kotler talking about CSR reminded me how much I love this issue, and how dedicated I was to it during my AIESEC work.

And sharing with him all my history and my feelings related to CSR issue, I found out that Primavera has a CSR project plan, that will soon be launch. I immediately knew that I want to be part of this, and in the moment that this plan was made public he announced me. So I asked a lot of questions, I wanted to know more, I presented my interest for this project, and : ...

Boa tarde,

Foi fechada a votação e efectuada a contagem de votos. Participaram 20 eleitores.
Resultados na lista abaixo.
And the winner is … :)

Amalia Ghiban - Lider Green TSU

And that´s the story :)

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

I am a muse...

I think it´s a good thing when people are calling u a muse, and they say that u inspire them… in fact it´s a great feeling.

But what happens with the muse when she falls for one that she inspires…

And she realize that , besides the moments she is needed, she wants more…

She doesn´t want to be loved only for the fact that she is inspiring…..she wants to be loved for all that she is…… and she want to give love in return….to give all that she was, all that she can be, all that she will be.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Rainbow in Braga

It´s been a long time since I sow the rainbow for the last time, but here in Portugal I sow it 3 times, and it appeared every time in a very perfect way.

For me was like seeing a miracle.
And the feelings I have ... feelings of happiness and feelings of belonging ...

Belonging here in Portugal, belonging to this place, to this land.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Everything is related...

I just realized that people are inspiring me, and at the same time I inspire people.

I realized that the very long waiting for my traineeship wasn´t for nothing. Portugal is giving me everyday a "wow" moment.

I was dreaming for Brazil for almost 3 years, but I came in Portugal, and found here the Brazilian culture. My flat mates are I eat Brazilian food, I drink Brazilian drinks, I listen to Brazilian songs, I watch Brazilian movies, I´m hearing Portuguese with Brazilian accent, I meet other Brazilian people.

One year ago I was determined to apply as MC VP TM in Venezuela...but I didn´t....Now, I find myself here in Portugal, discovering how deep my feelings can go. And I am talking now about two men, and both of them are diving so deep in the waters of my soul, but in two different ways, they are the two most important men for me right now, and they have one thing in common, both of them are from Venezuela.

Can u see it? Everything is related !

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

It´s time to start


I feel that the right moment to start a blog has come. I realy don´t know what was the thing that trigger this moment, I only know I feel it.

Hope you will enjoy !

Carpe Diem !