Tuesday, October 28, 2008


One week ago I was accepting with great honor and excitement, the invitation to be the chair of a conference that Ricardo, LCP of AIESEC PORTO FEP, was addressing to me.

The conference ended 2 days ago, but I still have flashes is my mind, with everything that happened, with the people I met, with the fun I had, with the things I learned.

Everything started on Thursday night, 23rd of October. At 21:30 I was in FEP, meeting with the EB (Executive Board) of AIESEC Porto FEP and with the OC (Organizing Committee) of the conference. In that night we defined what expectations we have one from each other, and we prepared the final materials for the conference.

After 2 hours of sleep, we were heading to Sao Pedro Do Sul, the city that was about to host us for 3 days. Once arrived at the location, we start arranging all the logistics so that when the delegates will arrive everything will be set.

And so we started …

There were 3 full days in which I´ve been totally connected to what AIESEC means. Plenary, people, ice-breakers, great conversations, energy, time tracking, feedback, roll calls, chaos, agenda, coffee, sessions, fun, boat race, meetings.
What are the most valuable things that I have after this conference:

1. Meeting Daudo. The national coach of AIESEC Porto FEP. Talking to him or only his simply presence was very helpful for me.

2. Working close with the EB, getting to know them better, debating the issues that appeared between them and the trainees, seeing them opening their hearts in front of the members, realizing what great persons they are, wanting to know them even better.

3. Meeting new people. Getting to know young Portuguese people that are full of dreams and energy, and are willing to go out there in the world to experience and learn.

4. Having some of the trainees for one night, in the conference. Watching them being involved and sharing their experience with the members, brought me fresh energy.

I can truly say that it was one of my best AIESEC experiences !!!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Lets take a look to our past ... or maybe to our future

Today, 21st of October 2008, the official inauguration of the LHC will take place.

This project was initiated by CERN - The European Organization for Nuclear Research. It took 20 years to build the Large Hadron Collider, and it costs 3,76 billions euro.

Very shortly, this gigantic machine will spin 2 beams of subatomic particles in opposite directions, until they reach the speed of light, and then will collide them. Basically, the creation of the Universe or the Big Bang will be recreated at a smaller scale. Due to this experiment, important data will be generated, and maybe some questions about our world will find an answer.

Courios to see the final result !

Sunday, October 19, 2008

No fear

I shall not fear.
The fear kills the mind.
The fear is paltry death, the carrier of total abolition.
I will face the fear!
I will let it pass over me, through me.
And after it would have passed, I will turn my inner eye and I will look behind it. Where the fear has passed, it will be nothing left.

It will be just me!

I don´t know to whom belongs this words, I just found them and like them, and they fit on some moments in my life.

Monday, October 13, 2008

What I am

Thanks Dey

Monday, October 06, 2008

Do you believe in love ?

Here it is the best example of a great person who believes in love !

And besides his strong belief, he put himself out there, to the whole world, completely transparent.

Inspired by Allan and his AreYouMyWife "project", Dey made his own version :

Check it out, and I am sure you will find a lot of things to learn, a lot of things that will make you question your life, a lot of things to comment about, a lot of things to agree or to disagree.

If you believe in love, and you want to give your support, doesn´t matter if you are gay or straight, take a look on Dey´s blog, and pass is forward ... somebody might find his half !

I do believe in love!

Friday, October 03, 2008

The closest I´ve been to a sunset ...

Two of the most beautiful moments of the day are the beginning and the end of the day, the sunrise and the sunset ...

And when you combine this moments with water, you witness one of the nature´s miracles.

Until now, I have only witness sunrises, in Romania, on the shore of Black Sea.

Here in Portugal, I connected with the Ocean, and gazing to the West, I knew that I will witness my first water sunset ... I imagine the red ball of fire fading into the Ocean ... I imagine sharing this moment with someone special ....

Last weekend I was SO close to catch this moment ... but I missed it ... twice ...

But maybe it was supposed to be like that, because watching a sunset all by myself it would be like being killed by a beautiful pain ... And I´m really looking forward to share my first water sunset with a special someone ....